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EstateGuard Gates



The need to control access onto our property has never been greater. A closed gate gives a clear message to intruders. However the time it takes stopping to open, driving through, stopping again then getting out to close means that often we are simply too pressed to worry about closing it. For this reason electric gates have become more of a necessity rather than just a luxury.

Having been supplying security in a rural area for 14 years we felt there was a need for an affordable, simple, robust and reliable gate that didn’t look out of place in the country environment. With these points in mind we designed the EstateGuard gates with an innovative crossbar enabling us to fully assemble them in house before they go out to site.

Delivery and off loading can be arranged nationwide.

Simple installation

Once the foundation holes and cross trench are dug the gate drops in to the ground in one piece. Choose whether to do the ground work yourself or contact us for a quotation.

Once the gate is concreted in place one of our engineers will finalise the settings for the automation.


  • Central automatic locking and unlocking.
  • Radio remote operation.
  • Automatic closing if required.
  • Zinc primed and powdercoated paintwork.
  • Horizontal cross bar brace to strengthen the posts and protect the cables across the opening. The cross bar is typically set 150mm (6”) below the finished ground level.
  • Heavy duty operators with built in obstacle detection suitable for busy driveways.
  • Safety designed in from the beginning ensures compliance to current safety standards.
  • Optional solar power system for remote installations.
  • Optional GSM wireless intercom connects the gate to your landline or mobile phone for ultimate control and convenience.
  • Optional keypads.


Wireless intercoms enable you to manage your gate remotely  Gates available fully assembled- please enquire on current stock availability
Wireless intercoms enable you to manage your gate remotelyGates available fully assembled- please enquire on current stock availability

Find out more information including a delivery or installation quotation for your area by emailing us at mail@wellingtonsecurity.co.uk or phone 01371 831731. For installation quotations it's always useful if you can send a picture of the opening.